April 29
Daily Tarot Reading

April 30 – May 6, 2018 Weekly Tarot Reading

Week 18

April 30 – May 6, 2018 Weekly Tarot Reading
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April 30 – May 6, 2018 Weekly Tarot Reading

April 29



8 of wands reversed

Information might be leaking this week or a certain message isn’t coming through. This might makes you or someone around you worried. Still it seems that the worry is more in their mind then that it is affecting anyone in reality.


Love and relationships

Communication might be delayed or not understood this week. Ask your partner or friend what they mean if you are not understanding what they are telling you. This will avoid worry and feelings of guilt afterwards.

If you receive a message from a loved one you really need to think twice before making any assumptions. One on one communication is better then hearing it from a third party because they might not have undertsood the message. Distortion in messages is this week for you a theme. They might make you feel demotivated and worried. Don’t jump to conclusions, ask first.

If you are single you might be waiting for someones message but there might have been an internet disruption and so you didn’t receive the message. When someone is not repsonding, they simply might not received the message in a technical way or they have just misunderstood your message.


Job and career

It could happen sometimes that if someone is not repsonding to your message, you think you did something wrong. Actually you shouldn’t jump to conclusions because there could also be other reasons why someone isn’t reponding. This week it will be best to stay pro-active. Don’t hold yourself back by worrying because clear problem solving is what will help you this week.

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ace of cups reversed


There are many opportunities in the area of love and career this week but you must be able to see them. You are surrounded by opportunities but might also be blinded to see them. Especially in regard to do the things you love to do and the people you love you need to wake up.


Love and relationships

Drained feelings, loss of feelings they all refer to feelings but you might say to yourself this week that you don’t feel anything or that no one loves you. That are all very dramatic responses which means that you do feel something but you might be to dramatic about it all. Get to your core and step into the feeling that you get when you are practicing your favorite hobby or sport or when you are with the ones you love. When you are tuning in to the right vibes you will see your opportunities.

For love relationships and friendships this week could be such fun if you are getting rid of the paranoia that makes your vision blurred on reality. Turn paranoia into normal carefulness. You are the one who is deciding what happens and what not. Sparkles and strong attraction are making that you and your partner are making a new start this week. If you are open to it you will meet new friends this week or a new lover.

Hot and steamy starts are also there for the singles this week. There might be someone coming into the picture that you might not trust in the first place but for some reason there is a strong attraction between you both. Don’t forget to believe in your dreams, so if this is not the one so be it. News starts are on the horizon with or without partner this week could be lovely if you are welcoming it.


Job and career

You might be starting a new project or a new job is coming on your path. This is something you might feel careful about if you will love it. If this is not the job for you, it might inspire you to a job that you love to have. Opportunities are all around this week. After a period of lack of energy this week there will be sparkles again when it comes to passions.

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Conflicts are being solved this week. If there was anything you needed to work on, this week you are ready to finish this task or event. After discussions and conflicts there is harmony coming for it in its place. Balance will be restored this week.


Love and relationships

This is the week to say sorry to someone or to work on relationships and friendships. Your intuition is more sharp then usual this week. This makes that you can create the harmony that was lost with the guidance of your intuition. Forgiveness and compromises are being made by yourself and others. It all might even end better then expected in the end of the week.

For singles you might be accepting that you are single in a way that you are taking more time for yourself now. You might also be forgiving towards yourself and ex-partners in order to create harmony for yourself and within yourself. It is like you are working on a spiritual part within yourself this week.


Job and career

This week you might slow down a bit with your work. It could also be that you are experimenting or doing research to create balance in your work or business. Restoring balance is the key this week. You could also be restoring balance in regard to finances like spreading your savings into different accounts for example. Or buying the things that are missing in your office or in your house. Also repairing things are a theme.

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