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Does the ace of cups only represent romantic feelings?

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When the suit of cups shows up in your tarot readings there feelings and emotions involved. But does the ace of cups only represent romantic feelings? In our tarot Q&A I answer questions from tarot readers and tarot enthusiasts. If you have a question about tarot as well, leave a comment below this post!


Does the ace of cups only represent romantic feelings?

In this episode we have a question from Brittany. Her question is if the ace of cups only represent romantic feelings. Good question Brittany!

The suit of cups

Well, The ace of cups is a tarot card that belongs in the suit of cups. In a tarot deck we have 4 suits: the suit of wands, the suit of pentacles, the suit swords and the suit of cups. The suit of wands are connected to the element fire. The suit of pentacles are connected to the element earth, the suit of swords are connected to the element air,
And the cups are connected to the element water and the element water is all about emotions and feelings. Relationships are all about emotions and feelings and so this card could represent feelings that you start to have for someone. But this card represents more.

Ace tarot cards

Next to the fact that this card is connected to the element water, this card is an ace card. All aces in the tarot deck are about new beginnings because the aces are the first tarot card of a suit (so the ace of cups is the first of the suit of cups). Aces are the most pure form of the element. So the ace of cups represent emotions and feelings in its purest form. It is just and only emotion.
For example when we take a look at the two of cups. We see that these emotions are being shared with each other. This is not yet the case with the ace of cups. The ace of cups is emotion in its purest form without being formed or shaped in any way because there is no interaction in the ace of cups tarot card. The aces look there are yet many things possible. The opportunity is just being given to you. The outcome depends on how you interact with these emotions and feelings.


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So, on the question of Brittany if the cups only represent romantic feels the answer is “no” because the ace of cups represent emotions and feelings. This means that these emotions and feelings that the ace of cups represent could also be feelings for a good friend, some activity you love to do or the love you feel for your pet.
The ace of cups could also represent new friendships, new hobbies or getting an opportunity for a new job that you love to get. Next to emotions and feelings, the ace of cups also represent your senses, psychic abilities and creativity.

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