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What are your strengths and weakness? Find out how to get unstuck! This pick a card reading is meant for your personal development in regard to love, business and career.
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Love tarot reading spreads

Love Tarot Reading Spreads

In this article I will give an example of how the love tarot reading spread “Does s(he) love me” can be used. In this tarot spread I only use upright tarot cards. Example: Tracy is in love with her collegue Timothy. She asks the tarot reader how Timothy feels about her.   Card 1.A How… Read More

Bianco Nero deck by Marco Proirtto

Bianco Nero Tarot Deck by Marco Proietto

Bianco Nero Tarot blends the classic iconography of Visconti Tarot with modern, hand-drawn ink illustrations inspired by antique engravings and woodcuts for a truly timeless look. Includes 64-page booklet with a custom Goals Spread.

Cheat sheet lean tarot free tarot course

Free Online Tarot Course by Email

Learn Tarot – Start Today! ✓ Build a strong foundation for your tarot readings ✓ Learn about all subjects in tarot like tarot card meanings, combinations, reversals and how to read court cards. ✓ Videos on how to read tarot spreads ✓ Get overview with the complete tarot course Cheat sheet!

Daily Tarot Card Reading February 1 2019

Daily Tarot Card Reading February 1 2019 We need insights in our situation sometimes. You are at the right place to get insights about your love life, relationships, business and career. I also show how I read the tarot combination meanings of the combination:

Download Cheat Sheet – Learn Tarot

Download Cheat Sheet – Learn Tarot All information organized on 1 Sheet! Learn how to read: √    All 78 tarot card meanings√    Tarot Court Cards√    Tarot Card Combinations√    Reversed Tarot Cards√    Tarot Spreads   Download Cheat Sheet

Court cards meanings

Multiple Court Cards Meanings in a Tarot Reading

A few days ago I got a question about the court cards meanings.  If you have questions as well about the court cards, feel free to comment on this post. How can I define the specific meaning of a court card? In the following example we use the “past present future” tarot spread. The question… Read More

Healing Tarot Card Packages

Start Healing with Tarot Today! Unleash your potential with these self-healing methods https://vimeo.com/261574769 STOP digging: start healing! Even though talking about your worries can help you to become conscious of your situation and to share your story, there is a limit to what talking can do for you. With the Healing Tarot Card Packages you… Read More

Tarot Card interpretations

Tarot Card Interpretation by Email

Receive an email with the interpretation of the tarot cards that showed up in your tarot reading. The interpretation will be specifically in regard to the position in the tarot reading. It will be based on the tarot spread you used.

December 11 - 17 2017 Weekly Tarot Reading

December 11 – 17 2017 Weekly Tarot Reading

Week 50 December 11 – 17 2017 Weekly Tarot Reading Here you kind find the reading from last week: https://healingtarot.net/december-4-10-2017-weekly-tarot-reading/ 1. Choose a color and comment your color. 2. Check out the tarot reading below Ask your question about love, finances or career:   December 11 – 17 2017 Weekly Tarot Reading RED   This week… Read More

Free Tarot Reading Week 6

Free Tarot Reading Week 6, 2017   The results for week 6: GREEN: 10 of pentacle reversed. When you show gratitude this week you will see that people will be happy to help you and new opportunities could show up. So this week it could be a challenge to see where you should be gratefull for… Read More

tarot card numbers numerology

Tarot card numbers in a tarot reading

Tarot card numbers do influence the reading a lot and that makes it is a very important subject in doing tarot card readings. Before doing this excercise: Download this FREE ebook to understand tarot & numerology.   How you can use numerology in your tarot readings This is an example of a business tarot reading. The name of the… Read More