Daily Tarot Card Reading March 13 2019

Daily Tarot Card Reading March 13 2019

Daily Tarot Card Reading March 13 2019

We need insights in our situation sometimes. You are at the right place to get insights about your love life, relationships, business and career. I also show how I read the tarot combination meanings of the combination. Click on the picture below to watch the video:

Daily Tarot Card Reading March 13 2019

This tarot deck is used in this video:


Daily tarot card combinations:

Knight of cups reversed clarified by ace of pentacles upright and 4 of cups upright

Knight of cups reversed + ace of pentacles upright = Seeing an opportunity in something that other people don’t see. An opportunity to make your dreams tangible but you are daydreaming or you think it is unrealistic. Finding out that someone is interested in you in a romantical way.

Knight of cups reversed + 4 of cups upright = Not being bothered about someone or something because you think it is unrealistic anyway. Daydreaming because you can’t bothered doing anything. Dreaming of someone without the need of doing someth

4 of cups upright + ace of pentacles upright = Rejecting a durable opportunity consciously. For example if someone asks you if you want to earn a million dollars and you say: no, thank you.

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