What tarot can do for you and how tarot works

4 Insights On What Tarot Can Do For You & How Tarot Works

In this article you will read about the specialisms of HealingTarot.Net and what we focus on when you get a tarot reading.

The first way to use tarot is for gaining insights on different areas of your life like: love, business and career.

If you have a question about your love life or your career you can ask a tarot reader for insights. If you need coaching, confirmation or clarity on a specific question or subject in your life, tarot can help you gaining clarity on this subject.
For most people a tarot reading brings more clarity in their situation. For others a tarot reading is a confirmation on what they already know.

In other situations it takes a while before the meaning of the reading sinks in, especially in certain situations when we are not aware of our own repeating patterns in our life. These clients are often coming back to this subject later but this is not always the case. Especially subjects that are touching important subjects of your life are the most difficult to understand. These subject become more clear when we work on them more often.

The second goal you can use tarot for is to get different perspectives on your subject to get unstuck and move forward.

When we can’t see clearly what makes us feel stuck, tarot can bring new perspectives on the situation. This is the kind of tarot reading which makes use like: “ohh that is interesting, I never saw it from that point of view”. And this is the same kind of reading that can make us feel like: ”no, that is not true! That is not about me!” But it certainly bring us in contact with a direct emotional feeling. In fact, it doesn’t matter if the reading is right or wrong at this point because these emotions you or your client is feeling at that moment is something to take note of. Why is this important? Because Awareness of your emotions can help you move forward. When this happens after a tarot reading, it is great gift because tarot readings and tarot readers can work as a mirror for you or your client. In my other course I will go deeper into this subject.

What tarot can do for you and how tarot worksThe third way we use tarot at HealingTarot.Net is to get conscious of your fears and habits.

This is often at a later stadium after you got a few tarot readings already. Through the tarot readings you received, you might have recognized certain patterns in your behavior or you might attract the same kind of situations into your life. For example it could be that through your tarot readings you now understand that you are always attracting certain types of people in your life which create certain kinds of situations.

The 4th way we use at HealingTarot.Net is for prevention from unwanted situations (this is not for everyone)

When you develop your spiritual awareness, you can reach a level where you aware of your patterns and your behavior. In this stage you will also be aware on how to improve yourself because you understand why this behavior isn’t serving you. When you are in this stage of your life, you can use tarot readings as a way to prevent yourself from unwanted situations.

In our online tarot courses we will go deeper into this subject.

If you these ways of using tarot make you enthusiastic, our tarot readings or online tarot course is definitely for you!


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