tarot card combination course

Advice and Coaching on learning the Tarot

During this online 1 on 1 tarot coaching session  we take a look together how we can help you with your challenges and opportunities in you process of reading tarot. If appropriate we will take a look if our products and services can help you to read tarot fluently.

Be as specific as you can by filling in the form below. By being specific with your question and your learning goal, the tarot coach can give advice that is more to the point. Before submitting the form think about the following subjects:

  1. About which tarot subject do you have a question: tarot card meanings, tarot card combination, court cards, clarification cards  or numerology?
  2. What is your goal with this coaching session?
  3. Why do you find it important to have an answer on your question about tarot?
  4. What quesions do you like to be answered?

Please fill in the form below:

1 on 1 Tarot Coaching

Let us know about your tarot skills so we know how we can develop your skills.

Tarot is not a science. These coachings sessions can give you more insight on how to read tarot cards. These sessions are not meant to trigger any discussion. The tarot coach is there to help you, they can stop the conversation at any moment if the behavior of the customer is inappropriate or when a discussion is triggered. Please also read our Terms of Service.